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Confused about the requirements for making your dream house a reality? Nothing would seem impossible while we are on your side. We are a team of skilled architects and designers working to efficiently realise your idea for you!

Why should I pick A Plus R Architects & designers above different options? Our expertise is in designing and making your ideal building’s interior and outside areas a reality. Our architects work to make the real from their imaginations since they are so creative and ingenious. Our line of work is both our calling and our passion. Our skilled designers and architects are endowed with a combination of aesthetic sensibility and technical proficiency.


We love to play with designs

The research’s conclusions allow for the construction of a design agenda that combines the design objective with site attributes, climate, and financial constraints. To keep the integrity of the research and transfer it into design material, we re-imagine and write the client brief.

The design phase focuses primarily on the site’s unique intervention, which is implemented through a collection of circumstances, including structural, and geometric investigations, climate-sensitive measures, and software capable of replicating the conditions and perceptions. After achieving complete clarity on the technical and material components of the design, drawings are created.

A house is more than just a place to sleep. We feel most at peace at home because it provides a stronger emotional foundation. Everybody has a fantasy house in their mind. We are here to bring that fantastical abode to life. Depending on your demands, we create design ideas for a variety of homes, including flats, mansions, and residential villas. The greatest architects, who are knowledgeable, creative, and imaginative, make up our team. We are well aware of the significance of what we are doing.

We are one of the few architects in Bangalore to succeed in a variety of building kinds, and we also specialize in creating outdoor and professional spaces including rooms, buildings, complexes, etc.

The arts of Best Architecture & Building Design Bangalore exist. Our team is made up of knowledgeable and skilled professionals that work hard to ensure that every one of our projects is completed effectively and without any obstacles. A Plus R Architects is ready to satisfy your needs!

Interior designers typically have a natural eye for color, layout, and current trends. We employ Bangalore’s top interior designers, who can picture what clients want. We can read a client’s thoughts and anticipate their needs. The most knowledgeable people when it comes to local regulations and codes are our interior designers.


Construction with Ambition is what we desire

At A Plus R Architects, we work hard to comprehend and make our clients’ aspirations come true. We firmly believe that “form follows function,” and we intersperse constructed shapes with natural elements to develop our ideas.


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All of our concepts are conceptualized in large part by light and ventilation, and our design instincts gravitate toward simple, attractive designs with clear lines. It is possible to create structures that emerge from the ground and have a distinctive appearance that blends in with their surroundings by experimenting with natural materials and methods. Connect with us now to book your services.

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