Top 3 mistakes to avoid while designing your dream home

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Designing a new house, and seeing it turn actively from a house to your home is one of the most exciting and exhilarating processes. But sometimes this exhilarating experience also becomes quite overwhelming, whether it is searching house layouts on Pinterest or meeting with your designer. Even with expert guidance, we end up making some basic mistakes. An example, many times people complain that the house seemed like their dream home initially while designing, and even when they first moved in, however with the passage of time they have found that their dream homes we’re a little impractical and didn’t fit their needs.

And thus, we bring to you top 3 mistakes to avoid while designing your dream home:

1. Storage sufficiency:

Even though minimalism seems to be the new trend on the block, especially with the Gen Z and millennials, but while designing most people often end up underestimating their storage needs. Leading up to cramped up or ill-designed spaces in the end, unsatisfactory results. What you need is to remember, every house needs some basic wardrobes, linen cupboards and decent workshops in the garage. Our architects in coimbatore can help you buy furniture as well, try and buy options which are classy and modern and at the same time can efficiently be used as extra storage spaces.

2. Personal applicability:

More often than not our ideas of our ideal homes are inspired by movies, shows or the internet. With easy accessibility to the internet, every person who is remodelling or redesigning their homes searches for the perfect aesthetic layout. But what we forget is that most aesthetic layouts might not be the most practical ones. Practicality and functionality of a house is of utmost importance and vary from person to person with their varying lifestyles. For example, a family may prefer a large open kitchen and a larger dining space our architects in chennai can create designs exclusively for your , however, a person whose living alone, might not need the extravagant dining space but a larger office space. Thus, while taking inspiration from the internet or any other source, remember to stop for a moment and think about its functionality in your lifestyle.

3. Uniquity

While designing our home spaces we obviously want to give it a personal touch, and make sure that space fits our requirements and needs. However, it is important even while introducing such uniquity, that life is also changing constantly and most probably you or your kin might have to resell the house in the future. Thus, while adding your personal touch to the house, make sure you still maintain a universal appeal, or such extraordinary tastes might narrow the market of potential buyers, making it a difficult place to sell.

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