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Our top designers and architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 home décor trends to make your homes, chic and modern ,maybe with a hint of antique designs:

1. High contrast abstract décor:

Sharp clashing colours , with sectionals seem to be in the trend right now. The high contrasts of black and white with pops of colour are the real focal point and most common designer example of the aforementioned. Bold geometrics and free hand drawn designs with playful colours are expected to add more personality and uniqueness in homes.

our interior designers in delhi suggest high contract for commercial shop designs for highlighting a particular space.

2.Non white kitchens

The 2010’s saw a sharp monopoly of all white kitchens. But in this new decade, all white seems to binding. Our architects in Cochin are considering of shifting to more natural colours, which still maintain a soothing peaceful vibe with a hint of brightness. Colour pop cabinets such as navy blue and hunter green against contrasting whites seem to be a new trend as well.

our interior designers in chennai like non white kitchen

3.Antique art and vintage detailing

The new buzz in furniture and architecture world includes antique art, giving each piece a unique point of view and story to each piece. According to our architects in Chennai vintage designing and detailing from the 1800s and 1900s in appropriation is also coming back in the current year.

our interior designers in chennai like antique art

4.Japani Décor

With simplicity and minimalism being the new ways of lifestyle on the block, the minimalism Japanese décor and the simplicity of the rustic Scandinavian décor come together in this perfect hybrid trend of minimalistic and uncluttered spaces with the subdued color palette.

our interior designers in coimbatore like japni decor

5.Cosy fabrics and accessories

Every house needs an essential component of comfort to transform into a home. And according to our architects in Delhi, cosy fabrics in subdued hues with an occasional pop of colour helps in the same. A few fur throws and comfy cushions not only bring comfort but also provide a chic and welcoming approach with a tranquil atmosphere.

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