Vaastu Shastra in layman’s language refers to instructions laid down for building architecture. With its origins in India, Vaastu Shastra describes architectural principles of design, direction, etc. for several different purposes inclusive of mainly tranquility, peace and happiness. It is a rare yet accurate combination of science, astrology, astronomy and art. Thus our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 tips for reaping the maximum benefits of Vaastu Shastra while designing your new homes:

  1. How to design your living room ?

The living room should preferably face east, north-east, north or north-west. Remember, to keep your furniture, especially heavy furniture like sofa’s etc facing towards west or south-west. Installation of any electronics should be done in the south east corner of the room and mirrors should always be hung on the wall facing the north. Hanging paintings specifically those of wafer and marine life, such as waterfall, and active fish on the north-east side, is said to bring positive energy. Having aquariums also has a similar effect. This makes your room clutter free, and compartmentalized ,thus, creating a relaxing atmosphere , and a great impact on guests.


  1. How to design your bedrooms?

Our architects in Hyderabad recommend a south-west room, for ideal optimization of one’s health. The colour which are bright such as yellow, or earthy tones such as champagne give a soothing effect to the room and idealist tranquility. Mood lighting and good aroma oil diffuser are also highly recommended for setting the ambience, especially for couples.

          Ventilation and sunlight:

With cramped up apartments and flats, and increasing pollution, ventilation is often a secondary concern. However, it is one of the most essential elements according to vaastu, especially if you’re buying a new house. Ample sunlight and proper ventilation are the answer to prosperity and happiness according to vaastu.

Our architects in Delhi advice people to keep windows open for 20 minutes every day, in accordance with the same. Based on cities light and ventilation is designed .

           Ideal kitchens:

According to our architects in Chennai, the kitchen should be placed in the south east north-west corner of the house in line with the vaastu principles. Furthermore it should be as far away from bedrooms as possible, due to difference in the energies of the two rooms. The stoves in the kitchen must also face south, while keeping water supply, especially drinking water facing towards north-east.

         Doorways and entryways:

Our architects in Cochin, in accordance with vaastu believe that doorways are not only entry points to a house but also the entryways for energies. Ideally your door must be east or north-east facing, with sturdy wooden doors.

Shoe racks and coat racks must not be placed outside the aforementioned. Furthermore, any hallway near the door or entryway must not only be well lit but walls must also be decorated with paintings etc. to ensure prosperity, as plain walls are significant to loneliness. Another significant tip is to ensure that the door opens in a clockwise manner.

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