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Going green and environmental preservation is one of the top priorities of mankind. Our architects in Coimbatore bring to you, an easy and inexpensive way to contribute to the green drive. Here are the top 10 indoor plants to grow in your homes:

  1. Money plant

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, it is one of the most common and low maintenance plants, which can be grown in both pots and hanging plants.

In containers, it often climbs up to 7 feet and is a sight for sore eyes. Some colourful pots and money plant are one of the best ways to decorate your homes.

2.Areca palm

One of the most low maintenance yet arguably best air purifiers include areca palm. Growing up to 2-3 in pots it’s one of the most non-toxic and non-poisonous plants, making it safe for pets and kids as well, in case they end up chewing a leaf or two. It is also one of the most eye pleasing plants, making it an excellent choice according to our architects in Chennai.

3.Aloe Vera

One of the healthiest, and most versatile indoor plants. It’s maintenance is also on the lower end of the scale. Our architects in Delhi recommend it’s usage and placement in living room and bedroom , due to it’s philosophized positive radiations. It makes an excellent housewarming gift as well.

4.Cobra plant:

Also known as peace lily, it is one of the most attractive purifiers, which adapts easily to almost all kinds of climate and temperatures (extremities asides). Growing up to 2 feet , it is ideal plant for your homes, with the only requirement being it’s soil is kept moist at all times. Hence it also  lies on the lower side of the maintenance spectrum.

5.Cast iron plant

In accordance with it’s name, it is one of the most toughest houseplants, with an ability to withstand the most adverse conditions. Besides being extremely low maintenance, this plant grows up to 2 feet, and is a sight for sore eyes. Our architects in Cochin also assure us that it is an excellent natural air purifier, and can significantly improve the air quality of your home.


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