Top 5 trending gadgets for your home in 2020

A plus R Architects – Sanskriti Jain

Technological advancements haved pavedthe way to easier and more comfortable lifestyle for humankind. Gadgets don’t always need to be fancy to be efficient and thus our architects in Coimbatore bring to you, 5 trending gadgets to make your lives easier:

1.Robot vacuum cleaners:

Recent times of quarantine have forced all of us to start doing chores, we often relied on others to do for us, making us humble yet our lives more difficult. One of such chores is vacuuming and floor cleaning. Thus we bring to you robot vacuum cleaners. Most of them such as iRobot, eufy RobotVac11 , etc. can be controlled from your phones, ability to see detect and navigate obstacles, with several different cleaning modes available to suit various types of flooring.

2.Smart body analysers:

These analysers look like weighing scales but are much more than that. They are models, which not only keep track of your weight but other health data such as body fat percentage, heart rate, etc. They also help in tracking how fit your surroundings or living environment is.

All of this data is usually synced on one’s phone. Examples include: Withings  WS 50 Smart Body Analyser, etc.

3.Smart LED lights

Too lazy to get up and switch on/off the light?

No problem, our architects in Cochin recommend Phillips Hue LED lighting system.

These smart light bulbs , are not high energy saving technology but can also easily be controlled via your smartphones. Furthermore, they are not your standard white lights but can change colour making their usage extremely versatile.

4.Smart security:

With the ever rising crime rate, security has become one of the most important issues in every household. Our architects in Delhi recommend Z wave smart security systems, which help monitor and detect intrusive activity on all your door and windows and provide perfect security. All this data is synced and available ln one’s smartphone, while alerting you via text, email, and notification of any activity which is detected.

5.Eco Dish Cleaner:

Dishwashing especially right now seems to be one of the most tedious of house chores, but at the same time necessary. Our architects in Chennai bring to you eco-friendly dishwasher, which by the usage of ultrasonic waves, cleaned dishes, i.e. by ionising food particles and converting it into reusable compost for plants.

Many of these are solar-based and are automatically charged, making it a highly sustainable and low maintenance gadget.

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Building a dream home is everyone’s aspiration. Every person wants to construct a home where they can cherish their memories. But when people want to make their dream into reality it is very hard to fulfil. It is because house construction costs are not cheap nowadays. For the middle-class family it is about investing their whole life income in building a home. People always search for ways to reduce construction costs. 

That’s why many people find it a large investment in their life. For this reason, they try to save as much as possible to get the optimum value of their price. Also, some people go for loans that are why it is necessary to effectively use the money to get maximum benefit. It is not a big task nowadays to construct a low-cost house in India. 


soil picture

Soil test is critical for constructing a building. The most important part of any building is the part under the ground – the foundations. The larger the building, the more important this is. 

Soil testing gives necessary information to determine the type of foundation required. Indeed, it also determines what sort of material to be used for construction and the load it can bear.  Soil testing also helps eliminate various types of building failures. 

  • Identifying suitable construction materials 
  • Identifying type of foundation needed 
  • Helps avoid resting foundations on poor soil or inadequate depth 
  • Helps avoid resting foundation on reclaimed soil 
  • Identify soil liquefaction possibilities during earthquake 


local vendor

While buying material for construction, try to buy from local vendors in and around 5km of the site, as this will reduce your transportation cost, labour cost  and material cost. 

 If you purchase material from the local dealers and wholesale shops, then there will be less expenditure regarding construction material. Because the dealer will give you more discounts and offers as you purchase more material. 

For example if the site is Chennai, buy from surrounding places like Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Hyderabad


estimate plannning

Before getting started on the planning process, start collecting estimates. These early estimates will be approximate, but they can help in making important building decisions. Once the likely costs are estimated, you can modify the  plans to meet the budget. Estimating building costs helps you get closer to the budget, when more details and information are gathered. 


local material

Ensure that you go for local materials. It’s not just about the cost of gas on default, seeing as how an overloaded truck (or any vehicle in general) tends to spend more gas to traverse the same distance. 

Furthermore, the greater the distance it passes while overburdened, the more often it will break down. In other words, going for local materials saves you money in more than several ways. You will lower the environmental impact of your construction site, which is one more thing worth keeping in mind. 

For example, in Kerala red bricks and laterite blocks are available. In Chennai, you can opt for fly ash bricks and concrete. 


cheap and best architects in hyderabad

Having a lot of windows and openings in the house reduces the wall quantity. Lesser walls mean more natural light inside the house, implying lower electricity costs. It also reduces the surface area of the house so it reduces construction costs like material costs of foundation, brick concrete, bricks etc.,


Constructing during the off season has a lot of benefits. It saves you on the manpower, material costs and the availability of the resources is also high during this season. 



Instead of building a full concrete roof, you can use filler slabs that could reduce up to 40 per cent of the overall cost of your roof. You use far less concrete and steel when you use filler material such as bricks, tiles, mud blocks, or broken cement blocks on the roof. Filler slabs also reduce the weight on load-bearing walls and foundation. 

You can save about 25 percent of costs on bricks with this simple method. The Rat Trap Bond is a masonry technique that creates a hollow cavity between bricks while keeping the thickness of the wall intact. It reduces the amount of bricks and cement used, while also reducing the overall load of the structure, leading to cost-cutting in other areas. The hollow space in the walls also thermal-proofs the house. 


The cost of plastering and painting is quite a huge part of the overall budget, as it involves plastering, adding putty and then adding colour. However, if you have an excellent team of skilled labour, you could actually consider leaving the brickwork exposed, without any plastering. It adds a warm and simple touch and can cut costs down by 10-15 per cent. The same applies to concrete works. Exposed walls and surfaces are aesthetically very appealing.


Control of water flow and water efficiency can be gained using various fixtures like low flow shower heads sinks with auto shut off mechanism and water saving toilets and urinals and equipment that saves water including dishwashers, clothes washers, other commercial kitchen equipment such as sprayers and steam cookers. It reduces costs in the long-run and advocates a green concept.  



An architect is more than a mere designer of buildings. An Architect, in fact, has the unique advantage of having a 360-degree view of a construction project by virtue of which she/he plays a critical role in any building project from conception to delivery. An Architect is usually the only person who has discussed and understood a client’s requirement with his/her budget constraints and the one who also understands local site and planning constraints. The decisions taken by an architect at every stage impact not only the spatial design of a building but also the construction costs, quality and time taken for completion of the same.

Top 5 washroom design trends in 2020

Washrooms and bathrooms are one of the most intimate spaces in the house. Comfort and a visually pleasing presentation are necessary for maintaining the aforementioned. Therefore, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 washroom design trends of 2020:

  1. Colour scheme:

Muted colours, especially grey have dominated the previous decade. However, according to our architects in Chennai in 2020 remodels, our clients have started experimenting with some more bold colours. Whether it is going dark with charcoal black or bright with shades of blue and green. An occasional pink and peach are also expected to make an appearance.

  • Vanity and cabinets:

With the minimalism still trending compact storage spaces have also become a defining point. A specific mention of floating cabinets and vanities, as they seem to be one of the most popular choices. As per our architects in Cochin, most of the aforementioned are built using various shades and textures of wood. The next popular option seems to be industrialist designed sinks and vanities.

  •  Fixtures and open piping:

Brass and gold fixtures and open piping seem to be coming back, bring along an industrialist outlook, which gives space a vintage yet slightly modern outlook. Furthermore, brass and gold complement almost any shade, especially white beautifully. Open fixtures and piping also help in easy fixing of leakages, while taking away excessive costs of plastering and painting incurred in covering such pipes.

  • Modern bathrooms:

Advancement of technology has also brought about a great no. of luxury bathroom decorations and necessities alike, making the experience much more relaxing. Whether it is heated seats and flooring, or automatic showers and baths, or built-in deodorizers and Bluetooth systems. The possibilities are endless, with all of them not only being extremely convenient but also giving your bathrooms a personalized outlook.

  • Shapes and patterns:
  • According to our architects in Delhi, 2020 has also brought a large no. of new shapes and patterns, whether it is for tiling or accessorizing alike. Tiling has had trends from decades past shapes making an appearance, such as hexagon, diamond, arabesque, all in different styles, textures and patterns. Accessorizing which is inclusive of mirrors has evolved into asymmetrical designs with unique outlooks, giving your washroom more personality while maintaining the modern presentation. Mirrors have also been tweaked with anti-fog technology, USB ports and just about anything one can imagine.

Sanskriti Jain – A plus R Architects

Top 5 living room trends in 2020

-Sanskriti Jain

Living rooms are one of the most important spaces in any house. Besides being one of the spaces which are occupied by us, they are also the spaces responsible for hosting guests. Hence, it is necessary for such spaces to harbour a sociable and inviting atmosphere. To help out with the same, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 living room trends:

  1. Criss-cross maximalism

Mix matching different contrasting colours and/or patterns while accessorizing the living room, is one of the easiest ways to breath some life into your dull living rooms. Not only does it add personality to the room, but also brightens it up, making it more intriguing as well as inviting.

  • Curves

According to our architects in Chennai, whenever choosing or shopping for furniture, try prioritizing curves over straight rectangular lines. These furniture pieces like  curved sofa are much more elegant as well as comfortable with ample space for hosting large/small groups varying from piece to piece.

  • Down to earth

Earthy tones of beige and subtle colours are the latest trend. Combine elegant open-spaced entertainment rooms, you have one of the most peaceful, yet inviting spaces. Adding a few plants also adds to the atmosphere as well as the presentation of the room.  The muted colour palette of elegant also has a similar calming effect. However, our architects in Delhi advice to add a few pops of colour to make the room interesting and maintaining its charm without taking away the feel of the room.

  • Bold colour schemes:

On the contrary, our interior designers in Cochin also suggest using bold schemes can go a long way. They suggest using the colours and shades in a sophisticated manner with layering the aforementioned can not only add an elegance to the room, but more often than not the end result is a chic, modern and inviting room, with an individualistic and unique personality as well as confidence. Using black as a backdrop or defining colour is a successful example of this trend.

  • Carpeting and rugs

Carpets and rugs are one of the most prominent part of living rooms. Always try to use carpets or at minimum rugs, as they add to the physical presentation of the room as well as provide a bit of necessary comfort. One can easily experiment with carpets as well. In case of muted tones, our architects advice our customers to go for a more loud and adventurous yet sophisticated carpets and rugs in terms of texture and/or colour. Geometric prints and colourful stripes and patterns often get the job done while adding a modern touch to the room. On the other had, a simple monochromatic, muted colour carpet or rug with an extremely soft texture also adds to the personality of the room, while adding a warm and homey feel to the room. Such carpets also help balance out extremely loud pops of colour.

Top 5 home decor ideas in 2020

top 3 interior designers in coimbatore

A plus R Architects – Sanskriti Jain

Our top designers and architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 home décor trends to make your homes, chic and modern ,maybe with a hint of antique designs:

1. High contrast abstract décor:

Sharp clashing colours , with sectionals seem to be in the trend right now. The high contrasts of black and white with pops of colour are the real focal point and most common designer example of the aforementioned. Bold geometrics and free hand drawn designs with playful colours are expected to add more personality and uniqueness in homes.

our interior designers in delhi suggest high contract for commercial shop designs for highlighting a particular space.

2.Non white kitchens

The 2010’s saw a sharp monopoly of all white kitchens. But in this new decade, all white seems to binding. Our architects in Cochin are considering of shifting to more natural colours, which still maintain a soothing peaceful vibe with a hint of brightness. Colour pop cabinets such as navy blue and hunter green against contrasting whites seem to be a new trend as well.

our interior designers in chennai like non white kitchen

3.Antique art and vintage detailing

The new buzz in furniture and architecture world includes antique art, giving each piece a unique point of view and story to each piece. According to our architects in Chennai vintage designing and detailing from the 1800s and 1900s in appropriation is also coming back in the current year.

our interior designers in chennai like antique art

4.Japani Décor

With simplicity and minimalism being the new ways of lifestyle on the block, the minimalism Japanese décor and the simplicity of the rustic Scandinavian décor come together in this perfect hybrid trend of minimalistic and uncluttered spaces with the subdued color palette.

our interior designers in coimbatore like japni decor

5.Cosy fabrics and accessories

Every house needs an essential component of comfort to transform into a home. And according to our architects in Delhi, cosy fabrics in subdued hues with an occasional pop of colour helps in the same. A few fur throws and comfy cushions not only bring comfort but also provide a chic and welcoming approach with a tranquil atmosphere.

Top 3 mistakes to avoid while designing your dream home

Curated by A plus R Architects – Sankrithi

Designing a new house, and seeing it turn actively from a house to your home is one of the most exciting and exhilarating processes. But sometimes this exhilarating experience also becomes quite overwhelming, whether it is searching house layouts on Pinterest or meeting with your designer. Even with expert guidance, we end up making some basic mistakes. An example, many times people complain that the house seemed like their dream home initially while designing, and even when they first moved in, however with the passage of time they have found that their dream homes we’re a little impractical and didn’t fit their needs.

And thus, we bring to you top 3 mistakes to avoid while designing your dream home:

1. Storage sufficiency:

Even though minimalism seems to be the new trend on the block, especially with the Gen Z and millennials, but while designing most people often end up underestimating their storage needs. Leading up to cramped up or ill-designed spaces in the end, unsatisfactory results. What you need is to remember, every house needs some basic wardrobes, linen cupboards and decent workshops in the garage. Our architects in coimbatore can help you buy furniture as well, try and buy options which are classy and modern and at the same time can efficiently be used as extra storage spaces.

2. Personal applicability:

More often than not our ideas of our ideal homes are inspired by movies, shows or the internet. With easy accessibility to the internet, every person who is remodelling or redesigning their homes searches for the perfect aesthetic layout. But what we forget is that most aesthetic layouts might not be the most practical ones. Practicality and functionality of a house is of utmost importance and vary from person to person with their varying lifestyles. For example, a family may prefer a large open kitchen and a larger dining space our architects in chennai can create designs exclusively for your , however, a person whose living alone, might not need the extravagant dining space but a larger office space. Thus, while taking inspiration from the internet or any other source, remember to stop for a moment and think about its functionality in your lifestyle.

3. Uniquity

While designing our home spaces we obviously want to give it a personal touch, and make sure that space fits our requirements and needs. However, it is important even while introducing such uniquity, that life is also changing constantly and most probably you or your kin might have to resell the house in the future. Thus, while adding your personal touch to the house, make sure you still maintain a universal appeal, or such extraordinary tastes might narrow the market of potential buyers, making it a difficult place to sell.

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Top 10 color trends of 2020

curated by A plus R Architects – Sankriti Jain

Interior designing and decoration are one of the most complex and mind-boggling tasks. Whether it is in designing furniture for your living room or choosing the layout for your office. One of the most important factors involves choosing the colour schemes for the room. In fact, we argue that a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a room while keeping in mind the difficulties of budgeting, i.e. at times, just a change in colour scheme is a better option in comparison of changing the entire layout from top to bottom.

And hence we present to you the top 10 colour trends of 2020:

1. Peacock:

Our team of architects in Delhi use , dark colours like charcoal black, peacock blue and off black, have been in fashion for quite some time and will continue to remain so in 2020. Not only are they chic, and modern, but also one of the easiest colours to work and play with as an accent or the main colour.

top 3 interior designers in coimbatore
top 3 interior designers in coimbatore

2. Classic Blues:

One of the most trending colours of 2020, is the classic blue and navy blue. It is not only one of the most stable and thought-provoking colour to work with, but also a great reminder of the calming deep waters, and hence suggestive of peace and tranquillity.

top interior designers in chennai
top interior designers in chennai

 3. Peaches and Pinks:

Although it has been restricted to nurseries until now, it is time to expand our usage of colours like light pink, blush and peach. Architects in Coimbatore claim, besides being contemporary and chic, not only are they one of the most complementary colours but also can be used in just about any and every room one can think of.

top 3 interior designers in hyderabad
top 3 interior designers in hyderabad

4. Moody Greens:

Green has been in trend for some time now especially in the Milan Design Week 2019, but with 2020, colours such as olive and hunter green have become extremely popular. Besides being timeless, and contemporary, they are a great representative of serene nature topographies. Our architects in Cochin use them often .

top interior designers in mumbai
top interior designers in mumbai



5. Layered Whites:

Even though the concept of white-on-white may initially seem extremely off-putting, different shades and layers of white-on-(white is one of the modern and ethereal looks one can achieve in interior designing.Our interior designers in Chennai often prefer layered whites for modern reidences.

top interior designers in delhi
top interior designers in rs puram

6. Maroon and Mahogany:

Dark red shades and tones are one of the deepest and most soul-warmingly beautiful colours. Not only can it be used as an accent or a predominant colour, but is one of the highest sought contemporary shades.

7. Oranges and yellows:

Whether it is a golden yellow or mango, a little bold colour goes a long way. Not only do such shades brighten up the room with their fun and energetic vibe but can also be used to accent or accessorize cushions and throws.

modern bedroom design done by a plus r architects in delhi
modern bedroom design done by a plus r architects in delhi

8. Dusty Tones:

Dusty green, brown, orange or pink, all of the aforementioned shades are great representatives of the natural beauty of autumn leaves, beautiful barks etc. Architects in Hyderabad say, not only are they easy to work with but also give a space a contemporary but earthy feel.

modern bedroom interior design in coimbatore
modern bedroom interior design in coimbatore

9. Natural Beige:

Beige tones have been in fashion for a few years but with 2020 certain shades such as champagne seem to be taking over the others. Not only does it provide a warmer outlook in comparison to it’s grey and white counterparts, but it also creates a tranquil and earthy atmosphere.

top interior designers in chennai poes garden
top interior designers in chennai poes garden

10. Aubergine Hues:

Aubergine tones, whether intense or mellow, are not only stylish and sophisticated but also provide a voguish outlook. Furthermore, they are one of the most multipurpose shades, with uses ranging from accessorizing and accenting to the main colour.

top interior designers in calicut
top interior designers in calicut



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