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Gothic-Style Trim In the mid to past due nineteenth century, many houses and different homes had been constructed withinside the Gothic fashion. Echoing the terrific cathedrals of Europe, the emphasis at the vertical size and craftsmanship makes the Gothic fashion ideal for the romantic.

Gothic indoors layout is characterised with the aid of using darkish hues for the partitions, ceilings and floors. However, you typically need a massive open area with this fashion due to the fact you could make a small dwelling room, that appearance and experience even greater cramped with Gothic indoors layout. It would possibly create pain for a few visitors and occupants withinside the house, however Gothic fashion also can supply a giant ecosystem of luxurious and mystique.

for this fashion hues, use darkish sun sunglasses, you don`t should paint partitions with sun sunglasses of black if it appears too darkish. You can go together with maroon, army blue, darkish brown or burgundy as well.

Furniture portions ought to be heavy and strong wooden for the coolest effect, however their layout may be elaborately carved or greater simplistic in nature.

Modern reproductions of Gothic Revival oak fixtures will make an outstanding statement.
Look for fixtures portions with grew to become legs, arched layout, carved details, and luxurious upholstery.
You can upload pillows in red, white, or pink to feature greater contrast, different portions have to additionally be darkish with difficult finishes.

Accessories in Gothic indoors layout can consist of a few necessities feature of the fashion like candles, wrought iron portions, statuary, gargoyles, and crosses.

you could grasp medieval tapestries above it to function a focus and gargoyle statues may be set on both facet of the couch or the hearth mantle to feature greater flourish.

The room have to have massive home windows in a top or tracery fashion. Chandeliers may be wrought iron, solid iron, fake candle, candelabra, etc.

Here are some of the best tips and detailed advice from Architect  Raaghav from A Plus R Architects.

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Best Architects in Chennai

If you have come across this page then you are finding some best architects in Chennai for your residential or commercial buildings. These are some of our Chennai-based projects. You can view more in our Gallary.

A plus R  is an architecture firm concentrating on projects leading from individual houses to urban scale. We provide the best and most professional architecture and interior designs to our customers. Our goal is to practice architecture as a relevant and responsive medium that can accommodate theoretically significant design while integrating the latest methodologies of architectural design and theory with the realities of construction, real estate, and building codes.

We are the top interior designers you can find in the areas of Anna Nagar, Nungabakkam, Royapettah, and Poes Garden.

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How to construct a eco-friendly house within 20 lakhs | A Plus R Architects

An Eco friendly house (or Eco-home) is an environmentally low-impact home designed and built using materials and technology that reduces its carbon footprint and lowers its energy needs. Eco-homes are measured in multiple ways meeting sustainability needs such as water conservation, reducing wastes through reusing and recycling materials, controlling pollution to limit global warming, energy generation and conservation, and decreasing CO2 emissions.

Here are some of the best tips and detailed advice from Architect  Raaghav from APlusR Architects.

Top 5 Vaasthu tips to design your House

Vastu Shastra in layman’s language refers to instructions laid down for building architecture. With its origins in India, Vastu Shastra describes architectural principles of design, direction, etc. for several different purposes inclusive of mainly tranquillity, peace and happiness. It is a rare yet accurate combination of science, astrology, astronomy and art. Thus our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 tips for reaping the maximum benefits of Vastu Shastra while designing your new homes:

  1.  How to design your living room ?

The living room should preferably face east, north-east, north or north-west. Remember, to keep your furniture, especially heavy furniture like sofa’s etc facing towards west or south-west. Installation of any electronics should be done in the south east corner of the room and mirrors should always be hung on the wall facing the north. Hanging paintings specifically those of wafer and marine life, such as waterfall, and active fish on the north-east side, is said to bring positive energy. Having aquardiums also has a similar effect. This makes your room clutter free, and compartmentalized ,thus, creating a relaxing atmosphere , and a great impact on guests.

2. How to design your bedrooms?

Our architects in Hyderabad recommend a south-west room, for ideal optimization of one’s health. The colour which are bright such as yellow, or earthy tones such as champagne give a soothing effect to the room and idealise tranquillity. Mood lighting and good aroma oil diffusers are also highly recommended for setting the ambience, especially for couples.

3 .Ventilation and sunlight:

With cramped up apartments and flats, and increasing pollution, ventilation is often a secondary concern. However, it is one of the most essential elements according to vastu, especially if you’re buying a new house. Ample sunlight and proper ventilation are the answer to prosperity and happiness according to vastu.

Our architects in Delhi advice people to keep windows open for 20 minutes every day, in accordance with the same. Based on cities light and ventilation is designed .

4.Ideal kitchens:

According to our architects in Chennai, the kitchen should be placed in the south east north-west corner of the house in line with the vastu principles. Furthermore it should be as far away from bedrooms as possible, due to difference in the energies of the two rooms. The stoves in the kitchen must also face south, while keeping water supply, especially drinking water facing towards north-east.

5.Doorways and entryways:

Our architects in Cochin, in accordance with vastu believe that doorways are not only entry points to a house but also the entryways for energies. Ideally your door must be east or north-east facing, with sturdy wooden doors.

Shoe racks and coat racks must not be placed outside the aforementioned. Furthermore, any hallway near the door or entryway must not only be well lit but walls must also be decorated with paintings etc. to ensure prosperity, as plain walls are significant to loneliness. Another significant tip is to ensure that the door opens in a clockwise manner.

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TEDx Vienna

aplusr chenthur raaghav

TED Talks needs no introduction. We have seen the likes of Bill Gates, Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Elizabeth Gilbert, SIr Richard Branson and Nandan NIlekani share their stories, ideas with the world that has inspired millions. “Ted Talks has always been my source of inspiration.

My favourites are the presentation of Steve Jobs and Architect Carlo Ratti,” says Architect Chenthur Raaghav, Co-Founder of AplusR. Life is indeed a beautiful surprise for Chenthur Raaghav, who is the first Coimbatore born Indian Architect to present at TEDx Vienna. A platform that he has taken from, is also a platform that he has given to. An Architecture student from Anna University, Chennai, amongst many other schools–Raaghav is inspired by the works of Architect Carlo Ratti. “This is my second TEDx presentation , So I was prepared for the storm !


 I am humbled that I had the opportunity for presenting at one of the prestigious international platforms in Vienna. As well I am glad to have presented about our city Coimbatore’s future potential and at a larger picture of our country in the presence of more 1000 international Audience. It gives me immense pleasure and hohonoro showcase Coimbatore’s resources and invite International Collaborations to shape up the city.”

In 1984, Richard Saul Wurman, an architect brought leaders and influential people from all walks of life–mainly from spheres of Technology, Entertainment and Design, and challenged them to give the ‘talk of their lives in 18 minutes.’. The idea was to make the complex simple, and to make interesting information accessible. The effort was in the form of a video — The ideas and the contemporary touch to solutions and problems were lapped up by the millennials who have a mercurial attention span.

TEDxVienna On The Edge is a sign of the times – themes, problems and risks that affect and shape the world today. At this year’s TEDxVienna Main Conference, more than 1,000 visitors came to the Volkstheater to discuss, discuss and “Ideas worth spreading” on “On The Edge”.

aplusr chenthur raaghav
aplusr chenthur raaghav



20 international speakers, as well as five performances, were invited to encourage the visitors to go to their borders and break through the past. “We are living in the age of digital world , where we constantly adapt ourselves between technology and nature . Right now the architectural scenario has been designing for the visual impact , we have failed to address or innovate for the future.

The next moment would be to take a step beyond the edge further extending our boundaries,” says Raaghav. He adds, “In architecture, living on the edge would mean to habitat buildings and cities which are interactive with the user and responding to the environment. For Instance,Technology could closely collaborate with humans to achieve excellence in fabrication and design .


His talk emphasised on Smart City Coimbatore and other research projects from 3d printing low cost housing for homeless people in 24 hours to how to cut down air pollution through Architecture. “I spoke about the Design Research for 2035 on How Coimbatore has to be designed understanding the future population ,traffic intensity, pedestrianisation, open public green spaces, contributing to a self-sustainable neighbourhood.

May be Coimbatore could be an Urban Catalyst for our Country , to initiate the design revolution,” he answers. He adds, “Coimbatore has won the Best Proposal Award from The Central Government among all other cities in India, Definitely we are expecting the transformation of Coimbatore soon. Even people at Vienna were amazed and surprised witnessing the proposal given for Smart City Coimbatore.”


How to build a low cost home?

house image

Sanskriti Jain – A plus R Architects

With passage of time the feasibility and affordability of the housing ladder seems to be decreasing, with sky high prices which continue to insist on rising further. Hence, encouraging a lot of people across the globe to build their own homes. 

Thus, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you tips for building low cost homes.

  1. Simple layouts:

Most of the cost saving occurs during the designing and layout phase of planning. Thus, according to our architects in Chennai a sure short way of saving or minimizing expenditure is designing simpler layouts. Curves , fussy plans and complexities in layouts only lead to an increase in building and other costs. Simpler designs also are easier to maintain. While designing your final layout a prime consideration should be given to the question ‘ how costly will it be to build this’ b architects and designers.

  1. Construction techniques and materials:

Remember the cheapest material isn’t always the best solution when it comes to choosing construction materials. According to our architects in Delhi, while deciding the construction materials keep in mind durability, local climate and environment, resistance, life-san and maintenance. A cheaper construction cost does not always translate to low overall cost over the life span of the house. Eco consciousness also goes a long way as it may be a moderately priced investment but lowers prices over the life span of the building.

  1. Space efficiency:

Open layouts seem to be the latest trend , and with good reason as they not only bring in the much required natural ligjt and ventilation but also make the space appear much more spacious than it actually is. Huge unobstructed spaces often require strategic placing of a pillar and column or two to minimize the additional cost which may accompany such beautiful open spaces. An additional benefit is also the social atmosphere these open layouts harbour making them excellent rooms for hosting  guests in etc.

  1. Flooring:

Our architects in Cochin suggest that instead of going for the usual ceramic tiling or wooden flooring, try cement flooring. Not only is I on the lower end of the pricing spectrum but also is easy to install and lighten It also gives a cosy, outlook to the house, which can be used to brighten up rooms by using a coat of paint or borders the g with mosaic tiles.

  1. Exposed, brick, pipes and fixtures:

Another popular way of designing the walls of your house is the open brick wall treatment. It not only is cost-friendly by doing away with the costs of plaster and paint but a ustic yet warm look, hence creating a homey ambience.  Exposed pipes and fixtures also work in a similar manner. They also do away with additional expenses of plastering. Furthermore, exposure makes them functional by making it easier to fix leakages and any other problems while adding to a modern industrial look.

Best Architects in Coimbatore & Top 10 Interior Designers in Coimbatore

Top 10 interior designers in Coimbatore & Best Architects

Hey, if you are looking for Best Architects in Coimbatore then in this article your doubts regarding Architects will be cleared also you will find top Interior Designers in Coimbatore.

Below I have given our gallery images which shows some top masterpiece designs. If you are finding for some designers near Coimbatore then it is best place for you. We provides all satisfactory designs and Interior Designers in Coimbatore. If you have more queries then contact us and you will find Best Architects in Coimbatore.

Our business is all over India and we provide best architects and interior design. We have interior designers in hyderbad, interior designers in chennai, interior designers in mumbai, interior designers in hyderabad. See some images of best Architects below.


I hope you are now clear with Best Architects in Coimbatore & Top 10 Interior Designers in Coimbatore. Also you saw pictures given above and found them helpful. Comment if you have any doubt and we will come back to you.

Best Architects in Hyderabad

Hello there! You’ve arrived at the right location. We understand you’re seeking the best architects in Hyderabad but can’t decide who to hire. Take a look at the projects we’ve completed in Hyderabad. More information can be found here.

A plus R are experts in each of these fields, whether it’s architecture, interior design, or artifacts. We are considered the greatest firm in the city to give users the best architectural services due to our years of experience in providing the best architectural services. We have a lot of experience in this industry and can provide the proper interior design solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

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Top 5 trending gadgets for you home!

Technological advancements haved pavedthe way to easier and more comfortable lifestyle for humankind. Gadgets don’t always need to be fancy to be efficient and thus our architects in Coimbatore bring to you, 5 trending gadgets to make your lives easier:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners:

Recent times of quarantine have forced all of us to start doing chores, we often relied on others to do for us, making us humble yet our lives more difficult. One of such chores is vacuuming and floor cleaning. Thus we bring to you robot vacuum cleaners. Most of them such as iRobot, eufy RobotVac11 , etc. can be controlled from your phones, ability to see detect and navigate obstacles, with several different cleaning modes available to suit various types of flooring.

  • Smart body analysers:

These analysers look like weighing scales but are much more than that. They are models, which not only keep track of your weight but other health data such as body fat percentage, heart rate, etc. They also help in tracking how fit your surroundings or living environment is.

All of this data is usually synced on one’s phone. Examples include: Withings  WS 50 Smart Body Analyser, etc.

  • Smart LED lights

Too lazy to get up and switch on/off the light?

No problem, our architects in Cochin recommend Phillips Hue LED lighting system.

These smart light bulbs , are not high energy saving technology but can also easily be controlled via your smartphones. Furthermore, they are not your standard white lights but can change colour making their usage extremely versatile.

  • Smart security:

With the ever rising crime rate, security has become one of the most important issues in every household. Our architects in Delhi recommend Z wave smart security systems, which help monitor and detect intrusive activity on all your door and windows and provide perfect security. All this data is synced and available ln one’s smartphone, while alerting you via text, email, and notification of any activity which is detected.

  • Eco Dish Cleaner:

Dishwashing especially right now seems to be one of the most tedious of house chores, but at the same time necessary. Our architects in Chennai bring to you eco-friendly dishwasher, which by the usage of ultrasonic waves, cleaned dishes, i.e. by ionising food particles and converting it into reusable compost for plants.

Many of these are solar-based and are automatically charged, making it a highly sustainable and low maintenance gadget.

Sanskrithi Jain – A plus R Architects

Top 5 indoor plants for your home in 2020

A plus R Architects -Sanskriti Jain

Going green and environmental preservation is one of the top priorities of mankind. Our architects in Coimbatore bring to you, an easy and inexpensive way to contribute to the green drive. Here are the top 10 indoor plants to grow in your homes:

  1. Money plant

Also known as Devil’s Ivy, it is one of the most common and low maintenance plants, which can be grown in both pots and hanging plants.

In containers, it often climbs up to 7 feet and is a sight for sore eyes. Some colourful pots and money plant are one of the best ways to decorate your homes.

2.Areca palm

One of the most low maintenance yet arguably best air purifiers include areca palm. Growing up to 2-3 in pots it’s one of the most non-toxic and non-poisonous plants, making it safe for pets and kids as well, in case they end up chewing a leaf or two. It is also one of the most eye pleasing plants, making it an excellent choice according to our architects in Chennai.

3.Aloe Vera

One of the healthiest, and most versatile indoor plants. It’s maintenance is also on the lower end of the scale. Our architects in Delhi recommend it’s usage and placement in living room and bedroom , due to it’s philosophized positive radiations. It makes an excellent housewarming gift as well.

4.Cobra plant:

Also known as peace lily, it is one of the most attractive purifiers, which adapts easily to almost all kinds of climate and temperatures (extremities asides). Growing up to 2 feet , it is ideal plant for your homes, with the only requirement being it’s soil is kept moist at all times. Hence it also  lies on the lower side of the maintenance spectrum.

5.Cast iron plant

In accordance with it’s name, it is one of the most toughest houseplants, with an ability to withstand the most adverse conditions. Besides being extremely low maintenance, this plant grows up to 2 feet, and is a sight for sore eyes. Our architects in Cochin also assure us that it is an excellent natural air purifier, and can significantly improve the air quality of your home.

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