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With passage of time the feasibility and affordability of the housing ladder seems to be decreasing, with sky high prices which continue to insist on rising further. Hence, encouraging a lot of people across the globe to build their own homes. 

Thus, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you tips for building low cost homes.

  1. Simple layouts:

Most of the cost saving occurs during the designing and layout phase of planning. Thus, according to our architects in Chennai a sure short way of saving or minimizing expenditure is designing simpler layouts. Curves , fussy plans and complexities in layouts only lead to an increase in building and other costs. Simpler designs also are easier to maintain. While designing your final layout a prime consideration should be given to the question ‘ how costly will it be to build this’ b architects and designers.

  1. Construction techniques and materials:

Remember the cheapest material isn’t always the best solution when it comes to choosing construction materials. According to our architects in Delhi, while deciding the construction materials keep in mind durability, local climate and environment, resistance, life-san and maintenance. A cheaper construction cost does not always translate to low overall cost over the life span of the house. Eco consciousness also goes a long way as it may be a moderately priced investment but lowers prices over the life span of the building.

  1. Space efficiency:

Open layouts seem to be the latest trend , and with good reason as they not only bring in the much required natural ligjt and ventilation but also make the space appear much more spacious than it actually is. Huge unobstructed spaces often require strategic placing of a pillar and column or two to minimize the additional cost which may accompany such beautiful open spaces. An additional benefit is also the social atmosphere these open layouts harbour making them excellent rooms for hosting  guests in etc.

  1. Flooring:

Our architects in Cochin suggest that instead of going for the usual ceramic tiling or wooden flooring, try cement flooring. Not only is I on the lower end of the pricing spectrum but also is easy to install and lighten It also gives a cosy, outlook to the house, which can be used to brighten up rooms by using a coat of paint or borders the g with mosaic tiles.

  1. Exposed, brick, pipes and fixtures:

Another popular way of designing the walls of your house is the open brick wall treatment. It not only is cost-friendly by doing away with the costs of plaster and paint but a ustic yet warm look, hence creating a homey ambience.  Exposed pipes and fixtures also work in a similar manner. They also do away with additional expenses of plastering. Furthermore, exposure makes them functional by making it easier to fix leakages and any other problems while adding to a modern industrial look.

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