• Robotic Fabrication Pavillion

      Collaboration with Robert ,Burak ,Ingired

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  • Residential Apartments in Mumbai


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  • Why hire an architect ?

    Why hire an architect ?

    1.Most Important aspect by saving Cost 2.Project Management 3.Prevent Major Blunder And Errors 4.If there are Errors then Architect can provide Solutions more Creatively 5.Better Understanding of the Client and Project Needs 6.Good Design is A Very Good Investment on a Long Run Saving Operation Costs 7. Specific Design Solution 8.Contractor Negotiation 9.Select Appropriate Material and…

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  • How to Choose an Architects | 3 tips

    How to Choose an Architects | 3 tips

      1.Find An Independent  Architect  Help you personally throughout the project without other associations interference   2.Find An Architect and Connect directly With HIM/HER Personal contact important for design and detailed discussion   3.REFEREES Structural consultants and clients contact can help a step further.  

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  • Contemporary Design for Hotel Design in Kuwait

    Design was created to match the international standards and allowed the visual lines to flow from landscape to the facade

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  • Lounge Interior Design

    Lounge Interior Design

    Lounge designed for An International Client in Coimbatore By A+R Team

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