Top 5 washroom design trends in 2020

Washrooms and bathrooms are one of the most intimate spaces in the house. Comfort and a visually pleasing presentation are necessary for maintaining the aforementioned. Therefore, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 washroom design trends of 2020:

  1. Colour scheme:

Muted colours, especially grey have dominated the previous decade. However, according to our architects in Chennai in 2020 remodels, our clients have started experimenting with some more bold colours. Whether it is going dark with charcoal black or bright with shades of blue and green. An occasional pink and peach are also expected to make an appearance.

  • Vanity and cabinets:

With the minimalism still trending compact storage spaces have also become a defining point. A specific mention of floating cabinets and vanities, as they seem to be one of the most popular choices. As per our architects in Cochin, most of the aforementioned are built using various shades and textures of wood. The next popular option seems to be industrialist designed sinks and vanities.

  •  Fixtures and open piping:

Brass and gold fixtures and open piping seem to be coming back, bring along an industrialist outlook, which gives space a vintage yet slightly modern outlook. Furthermore, brass and gold complement almost any shade, especially white beautifully. Open fixtures and piping also help in easy fixing of leakages, while taking away excessive costs of plastering and painting incurred in covering such pipes.

  • Modern bathrooms:

Advancement of technology has also brought about a great no. of luxury bathroom decorations and necessities alike, making the experience much more relaxing. Whether it is heated seats and flooring, or automatic showers and baths, or built-in deodorizers and Bluetooth systems. The possibilities are endless, with all of them not only being extremely convenient but also giving your bathrooms a personalized outlook.

  • Shapes and patterns:
  • According to our architects in Delhi, 2020 has also brought a large no. of new shapes and patterns, whether it is for tiling or accessorizing alike. Tiling has had trends from decades past shapes making an appearance, such as hexagon, diamond, arabesque, all in different styles, textures and patterns. Accessorizing which is inclusive of mirrors has evolved into asymmetrical designs with unique outlooks, giving your washroom more personality while maintaining the modern presentation. Mirrors have also been tweaked with anti-fog technology, USB ports and just about anything one can imagine.

Sanskriti Jain – A plus R Architects

How to build a low cost home?

Sanskriti Jain – A plus R Architects

With passage of time the feasibility and affordability of the housing ladder seems to be decreasing, with sky high prices which continue to insist on rising further. Hence, encouraging a lot of people across the globe to build their own homes. Thus, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you tips for building low cost homes.

  1. Simple layouts:

Most of the cost saving occurs during the designing and layout phase of planning. Thus, according to our architects in Chennai a sure short way of saving or minimizing expenditure is designing simpler layouts. Curves , fussy plans and complexities in layouts only lead to an increase in building and other costs. Simpler designs also are easier to maintain. While designing your final layout a prime consideration should be given to the question ‘ how costly will it be to build this’ b architects and designers.

  • Construction techniques and materials:

Remember the cheapest material isn’t always the best solution when it comes to choosing construction materials. According to our architects in Delhi, awhile deciding the construction materials keep in mind durability, local climate and environment, resistance, life-san and maintenance. A cheaper construction cost does not always translate to low overall cost over the life span of the house. Eco consciousness also goes a long way as it may be a moderately priced investment but lowers prices over the life span of the building.

  • Space efficiency:

Open layouts seem to be the latest trend , and with good reason as they not only bring in the much required natural ligjt and ventilation but also make the space appear much more spacious than it actually is. Huge unobstructed spaces often require strategic placing of a pillar and column or two to minimize the additional cost which may accompany such beautiful open spaces. An additional benefit is also the social atmosphere these open layouts harbour making them excellent rooms for hosting  guests in etc.

  • Flooring:

Our architects in Cochin suggest that instead of going for the usual ceramic tiling or wooden flooring, try cement flooring. Not only is I on the lower end of the pricing spectrum but also is easy to install and lighten It also gives a cosy, outlook to the house, which can be used to brighten up rooms by using a coat of paint or borders the g with mosaic tiles.

  • Exposed, brick, pipes and fixtures:

Another popular way of designing the walls of your house is the open brick wall treatment. It not only is cost-friendly by doing away with the costs of plaster and paint but a ustic yet warm look, hence creating a homey ambience.  Exposed pipes and fixtures also work in a similar manner. They also do away with additional expenses of plastering. Furthermore, exposure makes them functional by making it easier to fix leakages and any other problems while adding to a modern industrial look.

Top 5 living room trends in 2020

-Sanskriti Jain

Living rooms are one of the most important spaces in any house. Besides being one of the spaces which are occupied by us, they are also the spaces responsible for hosting guests. Hence, it is necessary for such spaces to harbour a sociable and inviting atmosphere. To help out with the same, our architects in Coimbatore bring to you top 5 living room trends:

  1. Criss-cross maximalism

Mix matching different contrasting colours and/or patterns while accessorizing the living room, is one of the easiest ways to breath some life into your dull living rooms. Not only does it add personality to the room, but also brightens it up, making it more intriguing as well as inviting.

  • Curves

According to our architects in Chennai, whenever choosing or shopping for furniture, try prioritizing curves over straight rectangular lines. These furniture pieces like  curved sofa are much more elegant as well as comfortable with ample space for hosting large/small groups varying from piece to piece.

  • Down to earth

Earthy tones of beige and subtle colours are the latest trend. Combine elegant open-spaced entertainment rooms, you have one of the most peaceful, yet inviting spaces. Adding a few plants also adds to the atmosphere as well as the presentation of the room.  The muted colour palette of elegant also has a similar calming effect. However, our architects in Delhi advice to add a few pops of colour to make the room interesting and maintaining its charm without taking away the feel of the room.

  • Bold colour schemes:

On the contrary, our interior designers in Cochin also suggest using bold schemes can go a long way. They suggest using the colours and shades in a sophisticated manner with layering the aforementioned can not only add an elegance to the room, but more often than not the end result is a chic, modern and inviting room, with an individualistic and unique personality as well as confidence. Using black as a backdrop or defining colour is a successful example of this trend.

  • Carpeting and rugs

Carpets and rugs are one of the most prominent part of living rooms. Always try to use carpets or at minimum rugs, as they add to the physical presentation of the room as well as provide a bit of necessary comfort. One can easily experiment with carpets as well. In case of muted tones, our architects advice our customers to go for a more loud and adventurous yet sophisticated carpets and rugs in terms of texture and/or colour. Geometric prints and colourful stripes and patterns often get the job done while adding a modern touch to the room. On the other had, a simple monochromatic, muted colour carpet or rug with an extremely soft texture also adds to the personality of the room, while adding a warm and homey feel to the room. Such carpets also help balance out extremely loud pops of colour.

Top 5 trending gadgets for you home!

Technological advancements haved pavedthe way to easier and more comfortable lifestyle for humankind. Gadgets don’t always need to be fancy to be efficient and thus our architects in Coimbatore bring to you, 5 trending gadgets to make your lives easier:

  1. Robot vacuum cleaners:

Recent times of quarantine have forced all of us to start doing chores, we often relied on others to do for us, making us humble yet our lives more difficult. One of such chores is vacuuming and floor cleaning. Thus we bring to you robot vacuum cleaners. Most of them such as iRobot, eufy RobotVac11 , etc. can be controlled from your phones, ability to see detect and navigate obstacles, with several different cleaning modes available to suit various types of flooring.

  • Smart body analysers:

These analysers look like weighing scales but are much more than that. They are models, which not only keep track of your weight but other health data such as body fat percentage, heart rate, etc. They also help in tracking how fit your surroundings or living environment is.

All of this data is usually synced on one’s phone. Examples include: Withings  WS 50 Smart Body Analyser, etc.

  • Smart LED lights

Too lazy to get up and switch on/off the light?

No problem, our architects in Cochin recommend Phillips Hue LED lighting system.

These smart light bulbs , are not high energy saving technology but can also easily be controlled via your smartphones. Furthermore, they are not your standard white lights but can change colour making their usage extremely versatile.

  • Smart security:

With the ever rising crime rate, security has become one of the most important issues in every household. Our architects in Delhi recommend Z wave smart security systems, which help monitor and detect intrusive activity on all your door and windows and provide perfect security. All this data is synced and available ln one’s smartphone, while alerting you via text, email, and notification of any activity which is detected.

  • Eco Dish Cleaner:

Dishwashing especially right now seems to be one of the most tedious of house chores, but at the same time necessary. Our architects in Chennai bring to you eco-friendly dishwasher, which by the usage of ultrasonic waves, cleaned dishes, i.e. by ionising food particles and converting it into reusable compost for plants.

Many of these are solar-based and are automatically charged, making it a highly sustainable and low maintenance gadget.

Sanskrithi Jain – A plus R Architects